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3 Cybersecurity Conferences of 2019 You Must Attend

As we know security takes a team, and it’s a journey. Boost your security approach by networking and knowledge sharing.


When: 9-11 August, 2019

Where: Paris Las Vegas, Paradise, NV, USA


DEF-CON Conference
DEF-CON Conference

DEF CON started out in 1993 as a gathering among 10 small hacker networks. It’s expanded over the last 26 years; today, it’s one of the oldest and largest security conferences in the world. DEF CON 22 (2014) attracted 14,500 attendees alone.

Each year, DEFCON offers an exciting roster of speakers who present on computer hacking.

Infosecurity Europe

When: 4-6 June, 2019

Where: Olympia, London, United Kingdom


Infosecurity Europe Conference
Infosecurity Europe Conference

InfoSecurity Europe is an annual conference that’s evolved into one of Europe’s largest and most highly-regarded information security events. Its reputation is bolstered by the conference’s free rate of admission.

Last year, more than 19,500 visitors came out to see hundreds of speakers present on security-related topics and visit over 400 different exhibitors’ booths. At this year’s conference, attendees will be able to choose from 240+ free to attend conference sessions led by industry influencers.

Sans Series

When: Ongoing

Where: Worldwide


Sans Series Conference
Sans Series Conference

The SANS Series is sponsored by the SANS Institute, a research and education organization which promotes infosec training and certification around the world. Its programs consist of intensive training usually spread out over several days.

One of the biggest events planned for this year is SANS 2019. It’ll feature more than 45 hands-on information security courses taught by leading experts. This training conference is scheduled for 1-8 April in Orlando, Florida, USA. Learn more here.

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