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Evil QR: A Unique Take on QRLJacking Attacks

3 Min Read

QR codes have become a part of our daily lives, from digital payments to social media logins. It's crucial that…

Data of 1.2M Netplus ISP Customers Reportedly for Sale

3 Min Read

In an alarming discovery, it appears that a significant data breach has occurred at Indian ISP, Netplus. Reportedly, data pertaining…

Unraveling the MOVEit Data Breach

7 Min Read

On the global cyber landscape, few incidents in recent memory have been as impactful as the MOVEit data breach. Identified…

GoDaddy Reveals Multi-Year Security Breach

3 Min Read

Web hosting giant GoDaddy has recently confirmed a security breach that took place over several years. The breach allowed unauthorized…

Reddit’s Data Safe but Hackers Infiltrate Internal Systems

2 Min Read

The well-known online platform, Reddit, has reported a recent breach of its internal systems by malicious hackers who used a…

A10 Networks Confirms Data Compromise in Ransomware Attack

2 Min Read

A10 Networks, the California-based networking hardware manufacturer, has confirmed to BleepingComputer that its IT infrastructure and data were briefly compromised…

Riot Games Suffers Social Engineering Attack

2 Min Read

Riot Games, the California-based gaming giant, has announced that it has been the victim of a debilitating social engineering attack,…

CircleCI Reveals Malware Attack as the Cause of Recent Security Breach

1 Min Read

DevOps platform CircleCI has announced that an malicious actor that successfully implanted malware on an internal engineer's laptop was responsible…