Cent OS Web Panel – Setup Name Servers

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to change the domain Name Servers (nameservers) on CentOS Web Panel, also known as pointing the domain to your new dedicated server or VPS.

It’s required that you have installed CentOS WebPanel and at least one public IP address.

Before your proceed remember that Hostname and Domain name used for creating nameservers need’s to be different!

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Domain Settings

In next steps you will learn how to avoid alot of errors and headaches even if you read a lot of tutorials and guides from main Cent OS Web Panel website. For this tutorial we will show you how to change nameservers on Name.com Domain Registrar.

Step 1: Nameserver Registration

Nameserver Registration CentOS Web Panel
Register your new nameserver using your hostname and point to your Server IP address

Step 2: Change Domain Nameservers

Nameserver registration domain registrar CentOS Web Panel
Go to Nameservers tab and choose your Nameserver 1 and Nameserve

Step 3: CentOS Web Panel Nameservers Settings

CentOS Web Panel change nameservers
Final step is to place your new nameservers in your CentOS Web Panel Settings and Save.


  1. Some domain providers will require that you have two different IP’s.
  2. When nameservers are changed, or DNS changes are made, you can expect a propagation time up to 24 hours.
  3. Reboot your server after setup!

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