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FBI Columbia Leads Multi-Agency Training Course to Enhance Investigation Techniques

The FBI Columbia field office is taking the lead in a multi-agency effort to better equip law enforcement investigators with the tools and knowledge they need to address the ever-growing threat of cyber crime.

The three-day Cyber Investigations Course, which is taking place this week, is designed to give attendees the skills and knowledge they need to advance their investigations through a subject’s basic use of technology.

The course is also aimed at increasing attendees’ knowledge of the Internet, investigative techniques, open-source intelligence, virtual currency, legal processes, digital evidence collection, and analysis.

As cyber crimes have rapidly increased over the last few years, with bad actors enhancing their techniques and abilities to cause harm to individuals and businesses, this training will be beneficial across the board to help investigators alleviate hurdles to working cases with technical aspects.

The training is sponsored by the FBI’s Columbia field office with support from the FBI Charlotte field office. Cyber crime is a growing concern, and it’s important for law enforcement to be fully equipped to tackle these threats.

This multi-agency training course is an important step in the right direction, providing investigators with the knowledge and tools they need to stay ahead of cyber criminals.

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