Facebook Enabled phone-makers to Access Personal Information?

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Facebook is fighting back against a NY Times article that the social media giant empowered phone-makers to have access to personal information of users.

It is another potential incident that continues to question privacy policies of Facebook.

The NY Times article, posted couple of days ago, said that Facebook engaged in data-sharing partnerships with more than 60 companies, including Apple, Microsoft and Samsung – during the last ten years. It enabled listed vendors to offer integrated regular features within Facebook social-media software, but NY times journalists said that same vendors could also access data of users without their permission or any type of disclaimer.

Facebook on published a blog defending its device-integrated API: “While we agreed with many of their past concerns about the controls over Facebook information shared with third-party app developers, we disagree with the issues they’ve raised about these APIs,” said Ime Archibong, vice president of product partnerships at Facebook.

Facebook is under high pressure after confirmation that they handed over the data of 50 million users to Cambridge Analytica – a company that was engaged in high-profile political campaigns, including the one of the present President of United States, Donald Trump.

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