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HP Announces Remote Work Equipment Service and Endpoint Data Security

Hewlett Packard (HP) has announced new offerings designed to help IT equip and secure the remote workforce from malicious cyber threats.

The offerings include a new HP Work from Home service designed to equip the furnish home offices with HP PCs and printers along remote management tools so IT can sup port and protect those endpoints and HP Wolf Protect and Trace to help IT to locate devices and secure them or erase the data if they are lost or stolen.

According to HP, the unified PC and print offering represents a simple solution for IT to securely deploy and manage HP devices to a remote workforce. The offering includes PCs, printers, automatic ink or toner replenishment, proactive insights to help manage and support remote endpoints and hardware-enforced protection built into select devices along with always-on defense solutions.
The company said it will add cloud security management and secure print path capabilities to Work from Home printers this winter.

HP Wolf Protect and Trace is designed to help IT secure endpoints that are lost or stolen, enabling IT to locate devices and take action to lock or erase data on those devices.

According to HP, the service uses “state of the art cryptography to ensure multiple IT approvers must be independently involved to remotely lock devices and erase data.” Typically, only one IT admin can take such actions, making the system vulnerable if that one IT admin is compromised.

The service also helps IT respond more quickly to reported lost or stolen devices with monitoring through HP TechPulse Dashboard, which HP calls a single, integrated analytics platform.
The service will be available in December through HP channel partners and HP direct, the company says.

In addition, the company says it has been granted the ISO/IEC 20243 certification for both enterprise printers and cartridges, a set of requirements and recommendations for mitigating maliciously tainted and counterfeit products.

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