IPAnything can convert analogue sensors to an IP system

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GJD, the producer of electronic recognition and LED illumination gear, has launched its IPAnything module (IPA). The IPAnything is an input/output controller, which is intended to convert analogue sensor to an IP framework, or the other way around.

The IPAnything is built in a minimal, ruggeed and waterproof case, and powered by PoE. It is fitted with a 12V/24V DC socket to power the sensor, four alarms systems, three relay outputs and analogue input for dealing with a wide range of hardware, the engineers say.

The item permits the installer to make individual system alarms to interface video management systems (VMS), IP cameras or other devices. It likewise empowers the installer to screen and control  sensors, alarms, doors and lights. Its web based GUI is user friendly and intuitive to easily organize alarms for integration with VMS software, or direct control of cameras.

Installers can include IP gadgets onto a simple based security or home robotization/automation system. As indicated by the device company this implies a financially savy approach to future-proof a site as new activities can be made and balanced over the whole network. Also, you can include IP devices of various kinds onto the system.

Greg Stuttle, Business Development Manager at GJD said: “The IPAnything is an extremely useful device. It has proved itself to be a very versatile product as it is a problem solver for projects that require analogue equipment to be converted on to an IP system.”

The Power over Ethernet the developers portray as more practical and more environmentally friendly than connecting to a regular power outlets. PoE lessens big expenses from the usage of electrical plugs required per installed. Also, reduced cabling inside and outside the faciliets is more practial and looks neater.

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