The Quad

The Quad, a strategic partnership comprising India, Australia, Japan, and the US, has launched a public campaign aimed at improving cyber security in these nations. The National Security Council Secretariat is inviting internet users across the Indo-Pacific region and beyond to take part in the challenge and make a pledge to practice safe and responsible online habits.

The initiative is a reflection of the Quad’s ongoing efforts to enhance cyber security awareness and action and create a more secure and resilient online ecosystem. Internet users worldwide are vulnerable to cybercrime and malicious threats that cost trillions of dollars annually and put personal data at risk.

Thankfully, many cyberattacks can be prevented by simple preventive measures such as regularly installing security updates, enabling multi-factor authentication, using strong and regularly changing passwords, and recognizing common online scams like phishing.

The Challenge provides resources such as basic cyber security information and training to all users, from corporations to education institutions, small businesses, and individuals of all ages. The campaign will culminate in events during the week of April 10th, according to the National Security Council Secretariat.

The Quad partners are working to ensure that everyone has access to the information they need to make informed decisions while online and using smart devices. Take the first step towards protecting yourself from online threats by participating in the Quad’s Cybersecurity Challenge.

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