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Money Laundering: DeepDotWeb seized by FBI

Tal Prihar, using a nickname Deepdot, an owner of DeepDotWeb, moved from Israel to Brazil more than a year and half ago.

The FBI has seized DeepDotWeb, a comparison search system and news site about dark web markets, accusing the administrators for money laundering.

Law Enforcement Agencies in five countries arrested the administrators of DDW – including two Israelis and moderators in Germany, France, and the Netherlands – and took down the .com and .onion sites, replacing them with notices of seizure.

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How they earn?

Every purchase made via DeepDotWeb referral links (or with the referral codes) earned the website admin(s) a percentage of the sale. This was usually goes between 2% and 4%.

How DeepDotWeb profited by Referring the GP to Darknet Markets (Pic: Medium)
How DeepDotWeb profited by Referring the GP to Darknet Markets (Pic: Medium)
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