Old-school malware is being recycled

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Long time ago, malware analysts stored it on floppy disks. But those same guys are seeing more and more of it – because there is more and more FUD (Fully Undetectable) crypter services, that are enlarging the issue for the security industry.

FUD crypters are providing Detection Evasion for any malware and are becoming available as a online services and user-friendly websites.

By just googling the terms “crypter”, “fud crypter”, “best paid fud crypter”, you will find what you are looking for, and this is just on the surface of internet, on the deep web there is a whole money making industry. So in order to launch attack, all you need today is browser and cryptocurrency account.

One of the examples is the cross-platform JAVA Adwind RAT, which was out there since 2012-13, but lately it’s distribution and usage are surging. Along with cryptominer malware, this remote administrator tool (malware) is easily obtainable online. Once the payload is been delivered attacker has many malicious capabilities over the victim, like keylogging, remote command execution and shell access, data stealing and webcam hijacking.

Researchers were seeing many examples of emails pretending to be purchase orders with attachments. Thera are very resilient anti-reverse engineering evasion techniques implemented on those FUD crypted RATs and malware, also, anti-virtual machine checks are making problems to researchers, unabling them to dissect and test malware in virtual environment.

It is time for security professionals to step up their game.

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