Privacy Symposium 2023: Experts Discuss Data Protection

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Data protection and privacy have become a critical concern for businesses and individuals worldwide. The increasing use of digital platforms, the advent of new technologies, and the globalization of data have made it imperative for stakeholders to engage in dialogue and cooperation to ensure the protection of personal information. The Privacy Symposium 2023 is a five-day conference scheduled to take place from April 17 to 21, 2023. The symposium aims to bring together over 200 top-level speakers from different countries to facilitate international dialogue, cooperation, and convergence on data protection issues.

The conference offers a unique opportunity for practitioners, researchers, and data protection authorities to discuss the latest developments and future evolution of data protection. The symposium provides a platform for participants to develop new perspectives on data protection and compliance and acquire first-hand knowledge from top experts. The event features more than 80 sessions, with multidisciplinary contributions bringing together legal, technical, and societal expertise.

The Privacy Symposium 2023 is hosting several special programs designed to provide in-depth insights into specific areas of data protection. These include the Council of Europe Convention 108+, Health and Medical Data Compliance and Secondary Use, Data Protection in Italy, and International Cooperation In Practice – the Way Forward.

The symposium has identified five thematic areas for submissions from participants. These include Law and Data Protection, Technology and Compliance, Cybersecurity and Data Protection, Data Protection in Practice, and Data Protection in Finance and ESG. Submissions are encouraged to be multidisciplinary and may cover theoretical, analytical, empirical, and case studies.

Thematic Area 1: Law and Data Protection

This track focuses on arbitration and balance in data protection law and compliance, international law and comparative law in data protection and compliance, and data subject rights. The track aims to explore multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary approaches to data protection and compliance, cross-border data transfer approaches and solutions, and the international evolution of data protection and compliance regulations.

Thematic Area 2: Technology and Compliance

The Technology and Compliance track will focus on emerging technologies compliance with data protection regulations, data protection compliance in the Internet of Things, edge, and cloud computing, and technology for compliance and data protection. The track aims to explore the impact of emerging technologies on data protection compliance, enabling data protection compliance in networking technologies, and innovative legal tech and compliance technology.

Thematic Area 3: Cybersecurity and Data Protection

The Cybersecurity and Data Protection track will examine technical and organizational measures for data protection, making cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection by design and by default, and cybersecurity and data protection measures. The track aims to explore GDPR compliance, evaluation of the state-of-the-art technology compliance with data protection, cybercrime and data protection, and identity theft and identity usurpation.

Thematic Area 4: Data Protection in Practice

The Data Protection in Practice track will examine audit and certification methodologies, innovative solutions and services for audit and certification, and data protection best practices across verticals. The track aims to explore data protection economics, data protection market analysis, and the economic impact of international convergence in data protection.

Thematic Area 5: Data Protection in Finance and ESG

The Data Protection in Finance and ESG track will examine the impact of data regulations on financial valuation and markets, privacy in financial and banking sectors, and data protection and environmental, social, and governance (ESG). The track aims to explore the role of privacy in ESG, corporate culture and data protection, and digital financial instruments in the context of data protection measures.

The Privacy Symposium 2023 promises to be a unique opportunity for stakeholders in data protection and privacy to share knowledge, engage in dialogue, and promote cooperation. The event is designed to facilitate international

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