Twitter investigation - Photo by Joshua Hoehne

Socialbearing is a webpage that offers free advanced search for Twitter accounts with alot of features.

Socialbearing is excellent in finding tweets from all Twitter accounts, top retweets for any Twitter handle, searching geolocated tweets, Tweeter maps and much more.


  • Insights & analytics
  • Search by hashtag, website or keyword
  • Advanced search for photos, posts, videos and links
  • Timeline analytics for any public Twitter account
  • Find geolocated tweets for keyword/hashtag
  • Find people that match your interests
  • View followers of any public twitter account
  • View friends of any public twitter account
  • and much more…

How to use:

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If you want to use good analytic Twitter search start with SocialBearing.

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    • wow, very nice video for beginner , help me alot as I am not geek ::))

      Eddy June 10, 2019 2:59 AM
    • Nice one, as I heard Intel Techniques shut down, i am trying to find new osint tools for top social networks… If you guys can, post some facebook and instagram search tools!! Thanks

      Amelia June 10, 2019 3:01 AM

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