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From Private Security to Professional Policing

5 Min Read

Like many cultural innovations, the actual development of the formal police organization originated in Europe—England, to be precise. There was…

From Citizen Guarding to Private Security

6 Min Read

The development of the security industry played an important role in history and essentially bridged a gap between the times…

From Individuals to Militia Security

3 Min Read

The position of a Roman Vigile continued to evolve through time and later became the familiar community night watchman and/or…

Fundamental Principles of Physical Security

9 Min Read

Paradise is now shut and locked, barred by angels, so now we must go forward, around the world and see…

IFSEC International 2018 announces the Converged Security Centre

9 Min Read

IFSEC International 2018 will play host to a dedicated learning and demonstration area, where visitors will benefit from a real-time…