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Bruce Schneier Foresees AI-Enhanced Mass Surveillance Era

3 Min Read

Unveiling the Future: AI and the New Age of Surveillance

Navigating the Labyrinth: Data Privacy in a Globalized World

5 Min Read

Your Data, Your Choice: Reclaiming Privacy in the Digital Age

The powerful truth – All those “smart” devices…

6 Min Read

No. You are not delusional, all those devices are spying on you. You’re down the pub talking about some crazy…

Peekaboo 0-day – View and Alter Surveillance Camera

4 Min Read

Hundreds of thousands of security cameras are believed to be vulnerable to a zero-day vulnerability that could allow hackers to…

Situational Crime Prevention: A Philosophy of Crime Reduction

7 Min Read

The ultimate purpose of any security system is to counter threats against assets and strengthen associated vulnerabilities. — Joseph Barry…