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The Random Deep Web Episode

Once in a while I like to wonder around the depths of non indexed web, namely Deep Web or in some cases Dark Web. It is known as a place were sex crime, pedophilia, kidnapping, modern-day slavery and snuff/gore content and various other forms of depravities are distributed (even sold) through means of various methods.

Random Deep Web Episode
Random Deep Web Episode

The deep web, a mysterious and endless virtual world, loaded with uncensored content and information is sometimes otherworldly adventure, specially when you randomize the content you „consume“ as it is possible.

The first thing that I use to do is to find a deep web service that randomly gets me to the place on deep web. The content of those kind of web pages is very interesting and reminiscent of internet in 90s and early 2000s.
Let’s see what have I gotten myself into:

These two are screenshots of two instances of actual website that takes you to a random deepweb location, this is the prime example of deepweb niche and senseless “jargonism”.

Time to dive deeper, and reach the deepest internet obscurity if it is possible.

No luck this time unfortunately. I changed all the layers of my online identity, and searched for updated  lists of .onion adressess, and there i was:

Wonder what is the greatest “nanny state” of all? Finland of course! Definitely a place you would want to live in, and here’s why:

Leading from there, I stumbled upon a full featured website that takes alleged statistics and researches to rank the countries in their Nanny State Index.
Wait, this is a clearnet website?! Cool.

Let’s stop the accidental visit to surface, and get back to the underground of the internet:
The pinnacle of the free speech, indeed.

Since I’m not in the mood for drugs and prostitution, lets continue our quest for even better and more randomized sinister obscurities:
Think I am not not very keen on reading someones political views (or whatever) on deepweb.

Next step, of course:

“An experience like no other. In order to get in, you’ll need to prove you have what it takes to be part of this experience.”
WOW! They are asking for 10BTC in order to have “An experience like no other”. I think i should give it a try.

After a series of gore and snuff web locations, here we have the inevitable dark web paid services.

This one in particular is enabling the paid subscriber to be have a live feed of real murder/torture where one can request specific means of torturing the victim.

Assassination services with pricing menu. Probably it is just an another deep web scam, but  nevertheless it is very interesting to witness on your computer screen.

Many journalists are pushing the idea that the dark web is the place where all criminals can do their misdeeds in total security without interference of authorities and law. They say that it is possible to buy any imaginable illegal product with use of a keyboard and specific amount of cryptocurrencies.
Reality is mainly opposite of the claims that are presented by media: darknet is full of scammers, period.

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