Lazarus backdoor called Vyveva attack a freight logistics companies in South Africa

    NewsCyberespionage & Insider ThreatsLazarus backdoor called Vyveva attack a freight logistics companies in South Africa

    ESET researchers have discovered a previously undocumented Lazarus backdoor, which they have dubbed Vyveva, being used to attack a freight logistics company in South Africa.

    The backdoor consists of multiple components and communicates with its C&C server via the Tor network. So far, we have been able to find its installer, loader and main payload – a backdoor with a TorSocket DLL. The previously unknown attack was discovered in June 2020.

    Although Vyveva has been used since at least December 2018, its initial compromise vector is still unknown. Our telemetry data suggests targeted deployment as we found only two victim machines, both of which are servers owned by a freight logistics company located in South Africa. The backdoor features capabilities for file exfiltration, timestomping, gathering information about the victim computer and its drives, and other common backdoor functionality such as running arbitrary code specified by the malware’s operators. This indicates that the intent of the operation is most likely espionage.

    This blogpost provides the first public, technical analysis of Vyveva’s components.

    Attribution to Lazarus

    Vyveva shares multiple code similarities with older Lazarus samples that are detected by ESET products as the NukeSped malware family. However, the similarities do not end there: the use of fake TLS in network communication, command line execution chains, and the way of using encryption and Tor services all point towards Lazarus; hence we can attribute Vyveva to this APT group with high confidence.

    For more technical details about Vyveva, read the blog post (Are you) afreight of the dark? Watch out for Vyveva, the latest addition to the Lazarus toolkit on WeLiveSecurity.

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