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Cyberattack on Thyssenkrupp Automotive

1 Min Read

Thyssenkrupp Automotive hit by cyberattack

Denmark Targeted in Cyberattack, Logistics Industry Impacted

2 Min Read

Denmark faces disruption after cyberattack hits logistics websites and municipality.

Data Breach at Getcontact.com Exposes Millions of Users’ Phone Numbers and Tags

2 Min Read

Getcontact.com Data Breach: Millions of User Details Exposed

Cyber Attacks Disrupt Spanish Infrastructure Amidst Farmers’ Strikes

4 Min Read

Cyber operations cripple key Spanish websites, echoing farmers' demands for domestic focus and fair practices.

German Websites Targeted in DDoS Attack Following Military Aid to Ukraine

4 Min Read

This incident highlights the growing threat of cyberattacks in the context of geopolitical tensions.

Data of 1.2M Netplus ISP Customers Reportedly for Sale

3 Min Read

In an alarming discovery, it appears that a significant data breach has occurred at Indian ISP, Netplus. Reportedly, data pertaining

Unraveling the MOVEit Data Breach

7 Min Read

On the global cyber landscape, few incidents in recent memory have been as impactful as the MOVEit data breach. Identified

GoDaddy Reveals Multi-Year Security Breach

3 Min Read

Web hosting giant GoDaddy has recently confirmed a security breach that took place over several years. The breach allowed unauthorized

A10 Networks Confirms Data Compromise in Ransomware Attack

2 Min Read

A10 Networks, the California-based networking hardware manufacturer, has confirmed to BleepingComputer that its IT infrastructure and data were briefly compromised