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Tampa Man Charged with Hacking and Wiretapping

2 Min Read

Tampa man accused of hacking into computer systems and intercepting communications, investigation ongoing.

Hacking Democracy: Cybersecurity Looms Large in U.S. Midterm Elections

3 Min Read

Democracy on the Ballot, Security on the Firewall: Navigating the Cyber Landscape of the 2024 Midterms

Top Russian Cybersecurity Official Arrested

4 Min Read

Nikita Kislitsin, a former leading figure in Russian cybersecurity, was recently arrested in Kazakhstan following hacking charges from the U.S.…

How To Become A Penetration Tester (Part 1)

5 Min Read

Educational tutorial How To Become A Penetration Tester, published in 3 parts, will aim to help the next generation of…

Tracking Missing People Through Public Information

2 Min Read

Participants of the annual DEFCON security conference are competing in the event’s open source intelligence run by  TraceLabs; "a challenge…

US Vote-Counting Computers Had Vulnerability

2 Min Read

In the US, vote-counting systems utilized in government elections contained a security flaw which could have been exploited to influence…

Privacy Menu and Hungry Zeroday Beasts

5 Min Read

Privacy has a clearly defined price, and that is shown by the fact that last year certain companies offered up…

Botnet called VPNFilter has hacked 500,000 routers – Patch immediately!

6 Min Read

At least half a million routers and storage devices in dozens of countries around the world have been infected by…