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Socialbearing – Advanced Search and Analytics for Twitter

1 Min Read

Socialbearing is a webpage that offers free advanced search for Twitter accounts with alot of features. Socialbearing is excellent in…

Now Available: Exploit Code for the Kubernetes Flaw

4 Min Read

The recently disclosed critical-impact bug in Kubernetes created strong ripples in the security space of the container-orchestration system. Now, multiple demo exploits exist and come…

How Technology Impact Digital Forensics

7 Min Read

Digital Forensics - An art form lacking broad scientific standards Forensics is changing in the digital age, and the legal…

New Research Can Identify Extremists Online

5 Min Read

Finding Extremists Online New research has found a way to identify extremists, such as those associated with the terrorist group…

North Korean hacker officially charged for the WannaCry attacks

4 Min Read

Park Jin Hyok, North Korean hacker, who has officially been charged by the US Department of Justice for carrying out the WannaCry attacks, among other…

Twitter finds security bug, they advise users to change passwords

1 Min Read

Twitter is advising all users to change their passwords. The company said Thursday that it recently discovered a bug that…