Data Breach at Exposes Millions of Users’ Phone Numbers and Tags

2 Min Read Data Breach: Millions of User Details Exposed

In a significant breach of privacy,, a platform designed to provide users with real-time protection against unwanted robocalls, telemarketers, and scam calls, has encountered a data breach. This incident has resulted in the unauthorized access to its database, compromising the privacy of millions. Specifically, the breach exposed phone numbers and associated tags for 55,965,399 entries, shedding light on how individuals are labeled in others’ phone contacts.

The screenshot from the forums serves as tangible evidence of the data breach, renowned for its ability to enable individuals to ascertain how they are identified in the contact lists of others, now faces scrutiny after the leak disclosed sensitive information, including phone numbers and their corresponding tags, affecting 55,965,399 entries.

The breach, which occurred in 2021, has put at risk the data integrity of millions, exposing their phone numbers along with tags that reveal personal identification details. The compromised data encompassed over 55 million lines, each containing a unique combination of a phone number and a tag.

This incident underscores the persistent challenges and risks associated with digital privacy and cybersecurity. Users of, as well as the broader online community, are urged to remain vigilant and take proactive measures to protect their personal information from potential misuse and exploitation.

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