Demystifying Open Source Intelligence with OSINT-SPY

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In the vast expanse of the digital world, tools that can dive deep into the internet’s depths to extract valuable information are an asset. One such tool, OSINT-SPY, performs open-source intelligence (OSINT) scans on emails, domains, IP addresses, and organizations. Designed for data miners, infosec researchers, penetration testers, and cybercrime investigators, OSINT-SPY helps find deep information about their targets.


OSINT-SPY is a tool that uses open-source intelligence to perform scans on various digital entities. It can be applied to an email, domain, IP address, or an entire organization. Whether you’re a data miner looking for information, an infosec researcher trying to understand the landscape, a penetration tester probing for weak spots, or a cybercrime investigator chasing leads, OSINT-SPY can help you find the deep information you need about your target​​.

Capabilities of OSINT-SPY

The tool offers a range of functions to aid in your information gathering. It can:

  1. Perform scans on IP addresses, domains, email addresses, Bitcoin addresses, and devices.
  2. Find the latest Bitcoin block information.
  3. List all ciphers supported by web servers.
  4. Execute SSL heart bleed scans.
  5. Analyze malware or malicious files remotely​​.

OSINT-SPY serves as a powerful tool for those who require in-depth information on their digital targets. Its open-source intelligence capabilities provide users with a deep understanding of their targets, making it a vital tool for researchers, penetration testers, and investigators alike.

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