SecretPixel: Securely Hide Files in Images

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Unseen, Unbreakable - Secretly Hide Files in Images

SecretPixel is a cutting-edge tool designed to securely hide sensitive data within images. It goes beyond other steganography tools by combining advanced encryption, compression, and a unique approach to make your hidden information undetectable.

Key Features

  • Military-grade encryption: AES-256 and RSA public key ensure only authorized users can access your hidden data.
  • Stealthy data hiding: Randomly distributed data makes detection by steganalysis tools extremely difficult.
  • Compressed files: Smaller file sizes for faster processing and easier hiding.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Multiple file types supported: Hide files in PNG, BMP, TGA, and TIFF images.

How it Works

  1. Choose an image and file: Select an image to hide your file in and the file you want to hide.
  2. Set a password: Create a strong password to protect your hidden data.
  3. Hide your file: SecretPixel seamlessly embeds your file within the image, leaving no trace.
  4. Share the image: Share the steganographed image with anyone without revealing the hidden file.
  5. Extract the file: Use the password to extract the hidden file from the image later.

Security and Peace of Mind

SecretPixel prioritizes security and privacy. Its layered encryption and advanced techniques make it virtually impossible for anyone to detect or access your hidden data without the password.

Supported File Types

SecretPixel works with various image formats, including PNG, BMP, TGA, and TIFF. Choose an image with sufficient size and detail for optimal hiding.

Collaboration and Community

We welcome contributions! Help us improve SecretPixel by reporting issues, submitting pull requests, suggesting features, or enhancing documentation.


SecretPixel empowers you to hide files securely within images, offering unparalleled protection for your sensitive data. Download today and experience the power of invisible data hiding!

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